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Dear Parents and Students,

Third grade will be an exciting time to cherish.  We will reach for so many goals, grow daily and build friendships. I am so excited about this transition! I have spruced up our classroom and am very proud of the "home" I have created for us! I look forward to the journey into third grade with each of you.

Please take a moment to read through this information with your child. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact me at:

HSE 671-3360 ext. 126


Click this link to contact/e-mail Mrs. Askins

I look forward to this opportunity to work with you and make it a fabulous year!


Mrs. Christy Askins



Planners and Daily Folders
Students will have a school assigned planner ($3.50) and a daily blue folder that will come home nightly. I ask that parents check planner nightly. This allows you to know if your child is not completing work at school and taking additional work home, it allows you to see if a study guide has come home or other material to assist in your child's understanding.
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Book Reports


NEW- Just in- Our school has purchased the new and updated AR online system. Thousands of book titles will be available and you can even test at home! I am very excited about the opporyunities this connection will provide.
NEW GOAL- 10 AR points monthly. Reading is such an important part of life and I hope students will learn to find good fit books that they enjoy and find this target exciting to surpass.


Book Orders

Book orders are sent home about every 4-6 weeks. PLEASE MAKE ONE CHECK PAYABLE TO SCHOLASTIC, WHICH OWNS ALL BOOK ORDERS WE SEND HOME (This includes CLICK(the software & games)Trumpet, Arrow, Classics etc. are all added into one sum and written to Scholastic.) Our class earns points for every order we receive and these points are used for classroom software and books. Children read more when they have topics that interest them at their fingertips. Any support is greatly appreciated. :>


DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE SOFTWARE ORDERS-they often include Wii, Gamecube, PS2, and great computer activities at  lower than retail price.

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Attendance is vital for learning. Missed topics can hurt student understanding & grades. Students have the same number of days absent to complete missed assignments example-sick 2 days, 2 days to complete work. Please arrange for homework pick up for any long term absences. Some items will have to be made up at school, and we will use recess or other time to get these completed. District Policy is A NOTE OR PHONE CALL MUST BE RECEIVED AT SCHOOL FOR ANY ABSENCE, otherwise absence is recorded as unexcused.


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We have a variety of textbooks and some new texts that are expensive. Students will be responsible for returning each numbered text issued to them undamaged. I will send textbooks home for some subjects to help study prior to a test. If books come home, you know your child is supposed to study :> Fines can occur, so please stress to your child to care for their books. STRETCHY BOOK COVERS ARE RECOMMENDED :> PLEASE always return texts the following school day.

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Homework varies, but is class assigned 1 time weekly. Homework will come home on Fridays (or Mondays) due the following Thursday. Study guides or practice for assessment may come home in between, so please check planners regularly. Reading is something I hope children choose to do on their own, but are asked to read regularly at home. Often, if a student has additional homework it is due to not completing an assignment in class that day. Students will need to complete and return these assignments the following school morning.

Students need to REGULARLY practice Multiplication/Division facts and read at home. They will also need to read regularly to get 10 AR points a month. So, if you see your child saying they have no homework, they should be reading & practicing times tables. Weekly Newletters  and Daily Planners will list  assigned homework.

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 Students will do word work with vocabulary words and will work to spell these correctly. We will work on spelling during writing and individual goals will be set for children based on their written work.

Grading Scale

We will use a 1,2,3,4 Grading Scale this year.


1= Does not show understanding of objective

2= Shows some understanding of concept

3= Completely understands concept and can apply in various situations

4= Beyond grade level expectations for this concept

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Late Work

Some assignments not completed in class will be completed as homework. It is very important that students complete late or absent work, as it effects their understanding of learning objectives.

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Weekly Papers & Newsletters 

Graded papers and any News Updates are sent home on Fridays. Newsletters come home monthly. Papers may come home during the week to be redone if a student has displayed difficulty grasping an objective or following directions. Please watch for any papers marked REDO and/ or sign and return. Students are talked to about the redo material before the paper is sent home. These should be returned the following school day.

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Notes to School

Please send any correspondence (lunch $, book orders, notes, field trip info, etc.) to school in an envelope labeled with your child's name on it and what it is for. Example: Joe Smith- Book Order, Sarah Jones- Lunch Money  

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 Students have the right to learn and teachers have the need and right to teach. We have many partner and group times where students must make wise choices to accomplish tasks while they are talking to others. We have open discussion times and we have quiet independent work times. Students will learn to adjust to each of these times.

Our team will discuss the following responsibilities:


#1 RESPECT EVERYONE-We are all people, just different people trying to make our way in this world.

#2 Listening when someone is speaking and working quietly when requested.

#3 Keeping your body and objects to self.

#4 Follow directions-written and oral-Ask Questions if confused 

#5 Using time wisely

#6 Listing important tasks and information in Daily Planner. 

Motivating students through positive reinforcement and support are keys to our classroom structure. Students that choose to follow the requests may receive:

homework pass

extra computer time

papers displayed  

Note from teacher

awards or certificates

note or phone call home

verbal praise

lunch with the teacher

other special reinforcers


Students will have 4 cards each week. Students that choose not to follow our classroom requests will pull cards. Extra recess time can be earned for excellent behavior.

Verbal Reminder

1st infraction -Warning- Verbally reminded -pull green card

  2nd infraction - pull yellow card-lose 5 minutes of recess

3rd infraction -pull orange card- lose 10 minutes of recess

4th infraction - pull pink card- Lose a recess and any extra recess. Student conference w/ teacher, parents may be called or note sent.

5th infraction - Ticket is issued-student loses 2 recesses, parent must sign ticket and student must return. NO RECESS GIVEN UNTIL SIGNED TICKET IS RETURNED.

Extreme behavior may cause student to lose 1 or more steps listed.

Hoping that we pull few cards-I want students to have fun in class and have free time at recess :>  


 My hope is to indelibly reach each child that enters our classroom. I appreciate this opportunity and look forward to the year with each child. We have nine months to help develop productive, creative, and happy students that are working towards a bright future . :) REACH FOR THE STARS!!