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TO: All High Ridge Elementary Parents & Guardians

FROM: Jennifer Baugh, Principal

DATE: May 18, 2015

 HRE’s Summer Reading Incentives

Our students’ reading scores have continued to improve this year, and I need your help this summer to ensure that growth and improvement in reading continues. I ask that you set time aside for your children to read independently every day. At the beginning of the 2015-16 school year, we will be expecting all of our students to be reading at the same independent level as they are right now if not higher. To encourage our students to read over the summer, HRE is having a summer reading incentive program (see details below). The most important thing your children can do to prepare for next school year is to read. The best way to improve reading is to read books at an appropriate independent reading level. Beginning in kindergarten, our students learn how to independently choose a “good fit” book that is at their independent reading level. Additionally, if you’re unsure of your child’s reading level, contact me at school (636)677-3996 in June or on my cell phone (636)692-0481 throughout the summer, and I will be happy to provide you with that information and books, if you need them. You can also check books out from the Jefferson County Library here in High Ridge and participate in their summer reading program.

HRE Summer Reading Incentive – READ ONE Tickets

· Attached to this letter is a page of READ ONE tickets for you to cut apart. For each book your child reads this summer, please fill out a ticket.

· Each ticket will be collected in the first weeks of school and entered in a drawing for a variety of prizes including several $50 Barnes & Noble gift cards.

· More tickets can be printed out from our school website under Summer Reading Incentive.

Again, the most important thing your child can do this summer to be ready for next year is to READ EVERY SINGLE DAY. I hope you’ll join the staff of HRE in promoting independent summer reading for every child every day. As our reading teacher has been telling students, “For Goodness SNAKES, Read All Summer!”